Compatibility Charts with Athena

Compatibility Charts with Athena


Knowing the blueprint of both yourself and your partner can be an eye-opening experience. It can also save a relationship and create a deep understanding of the other. For if you know what makes them tick, if you know the very nature of their mission, you can make truly informed choices about how to be in service. No longer will their actions seem a mystery as you have that insider information into the map of their soul. And, if you act as an enlightened partner, you can give them the same insights into yours.

Imagine knowing where their secret hardships lie, or how they truly need to be loved. What if you could empathize with their inherent emotional nature instead of being baffled by how they feel? These charts are lover's keys into understanding and dealing with one another more compassionately, more completely, and at a deeper soul level

(We will need the birth date, time and location of both parties.)

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