Jamie Shane

I am a laid back kind of girl who can get pretty intense when the time is appropriate. I have a sailor’s mouth, a healer’s heart and a teacher’s mind, so you can always expect me to be frank and honest—even when it might sound shitty. I never mean it to be so as long as you get that, we will rub along juuuust fine.

I live by yoga—but not the bendy twisty jumpy sweaty kind. I’m way too old for that shit and prefer to breathe and meditate and contemplate the nature of reality and space. I abide by the tarot—but not the woooo wooooo fortune teller kind. I’m way too straight up for that shit and prefer to to look at it as a great road map to the evolving soul. And, finally, I love by the kitchen which is where I find my happy place. If I don’t make it by hand there is a “yet” waiting in the wings.

Everything I do is done with love—unless I’m really pissed, then it might be for karma. But that’s pretty rare, so I can say with confidence that y’all are safe. :-) Welcome aboard.