Ritual to Connect self to Self

Ritual for staying True in Uncertain Times

As the energy of the world continues to shift and we as humans shift with it—either upwards into unity, or sideways into uncertainty—we must always find ways to harmonize in with the vital core of our personal humanity. Who we are inside our hearts needs to remain a constant truth, beating and resonating the vibration of sat.

Sat Nam, our true name, the name of our being beyond the time and space of this being wearing the name you wear now. That is but a coat for this lifetime, covering and protecting the eternal body of our true selves. This true being is always with us and guides every piece of our lives. It is the us that is timeless and walks in the realm of spirit. When earth times go uncertain, we have the option to tune in deeply to this vibrational self. We can access the truth of our being and make a constant choice to live and to speak from this profound space, bringing that reality down to this reality and in the process enhancing all of reality.

This is powerful and necessary work. On a macro level, living from the sat brings power and peace to all people who interact with you on a micro level. On a personal micro level, it gives us comfort, security and peace that we are beyond the uncertainty of our limited minds. This is a simple exercise that yields profound understanding.

Time: Full or New moon—both provide energetic portals where we feel either empty or full. You choose how you like to journey.

Space: A quiet place where you can set up an altar that will remain running for one full lunar cycle. You will need enough space to cast circle and sit within. If you have no altar table, use a tray that can be moved safely without disturbing your setup.

Tools: Bath salts, rose (palma rosa, geranium will suffice) oil, 5 white candles, incense (palo santo or sage), a handful of clear quartz tumbles, one power crystal of your choice (preferably in the lighter spectrum), a live plant, cut flowers of any kind, small bowl of salt, and a small bowl of water.

Practice: Draw a ritual bath. Use the bath salts to clear and cleanse your aura, sprinkle a few drops of the rose oil into the bath and a few of the flower petals. If you do not have a bath tub, moisten the salt with a bit of the rose oil into your palm and gently scrub it over your body and place the flower petals at your feet as you shower. As you cleanse your body, try to cleanse your mind as well, so that when you emerge into ritual space, you are as clear and ready as you can be to move into higher realms. Dress softly or go skyclad.

Move to your chosen ritual space with all of your tools. Light the smoke and clear the space, being certain as you do so that you are spekaing clearly and announcing that you are creating sacred space. Invite in the ancestors and guides that are familiar to you and very clearly exclude any beings or entities that will come to cause mischief, mislead, misinform or cause sorrow or mayhem. Speak firmly and mean what you say.

Annoint your forehead, wrist points and soles of your feet with the oil, blessing and purifying your physical body. Be extremely grateful for the beauty and mobility it brings you. Understand that without your body, you are unable to land any magic in this world. It is the entirety of your filter for this life experience.

Arrange four candles at the compass points and place one in the center where you will be sitting. Place the incense at the East point, the plant at the South point, water at the West point and the salt at the North point. Place a crystal tumble at each compass point. Move to the center of the circle and face East. Acknowledge the spirits of air and thank them for their attention; light the candle. Light the candle at the South and do the same for the spirits of fire. Place a sprinkle of salt in the water, do the same to West and the spirits of water. Finish at the North and the spirits of earth. Take your index finger and draw a circle from point to point, repeating your invitation to your personal ancestors and guides, and your firm exclusion to any unwelcome entities.

Sit in the middle with your power crystal and flowers. If you have extra tumbles, arrange them around you between the compass points to make a circle. Place the power crystal directly in front of you. It acts as your focus and all of the energy of this ritual will be stored within its matrix. Then we begin.

Place both hands over your heart with the right hand over the left. Close your eyes and begin to slow your breath, tuning into the feeling of your breath beneath your hands. Do this for about 3 minutes and allow the practice to draw you deeply into yourself.

Then begin to lightly pulse your hands over your heart, gently mimicking the rhythm of your heartbeat. Let the breath be soft and slow. Begin to mentally repeat to yourself “sat nam, sat nam, sat nam...” with each pulse of your hand until the rhythm of your chant has aligned to the rhythm of your hands which has aligned to the rhythm of your heart which will align to the truth of your soul. Stay here until you feel the world fall away and you are alone with your heart, your soul and your sat.

Begin to visualize a bright light descending from your heart down into the center of the earth. The colour of this light will be tuned specifically to you, there is no right one. Let it grown in thickness and size until you have a thick beam of coloured light flowing down from your heart through your root and into the earth. This light is healing the mother herself and connecting your physical earthly heartbeat to the heartbeat of our macro mother. Your heart is endless and boundless, your love is constantly renewing with each pulse. You are offering freely to the mother because your heart is boundless. You are connected so deeply that you and she are becoming harmonized into one energy. Let it flow.

Keep chanting, but at some point, leave that energy flow into place and move on. From your heart visualize another beam of light flowing up into the heavens, connecting you to the time beyond time. This beam may or may not be the same colour as your earth beam. Let it take shape as it will, do not try to force anything into place. Your higher self knows what needs to happen, so keep your lower mind out of the game. Just keep running energy up into the higher realms until you feel it connect with your highest self. Keep chanting, reinforcing that you are the sat nam. Truth is your name. Truth is your identity. You are the fullness of your eternal self.

At this point you are running two different beams of light in two separate directions out from the heart. Now flip them until you are running light up from the earth and down from the heavens. They will meet in the heart and begin to create a harmonic. Do not stop chanting. Feel extremely connected to the highest knowledge and the most base structure. Understand that all of your magic comes from the marriage of your macro soul and your micro body being. Let these two forces converge until your heart is shining with the ultimate connection of self to self.

Be in this space until it is time to no longer be in this space. You do not need to shut off the beams as they should integrate and remain a constant flow without your constant attention. Gather your power piece and place it in the center of your altar. The plant goes next to it. Break down your circle crystals from east to north to west to south, thanking and dismissing the elemental spirits (with reverence, you want them to come back willingly next time…) Arrange these crystals in a grid around your power piece. The surround the grid with your burning candles. The water and the salt hold outer points around this circular grid.

You can recharge the grid at the next lunar cycle or break it down.

Wahe guru!