Cord Cutting and Ritual Clearing

This is divided into several smaller rituals for you to do. The first should be done every day for several days to initially clear the problem, and then as needed when you feel you need an extra clearing. The second is something that you set up and attend to as you are called to; It will handle some of the load for you. The third should become a daily end-of-day ritual. This should take care of the problem and set you up for long-term maintenance.

That being said, the inventory list is pretty hefty. I don’t usually do this, but if you want to do it right, you should have the right tools. This should be a one-time expense, probably about $50 if you shop discerningly. But what usually happens is that you will feel compelled to add to this base as time goes on. I can recommend this retailer or please find your local metaphysical shop and support their work.


Large Selenite wand—at least 12”

Large chunk of Black Tourmaline

Labroadorite piece (fairly sizeable)

Moss Agate (fairly sizeable)

Crystal points of varying sizes

Hematite tumbles

Obsidian tumbles

Powerfully charged bracelet/ mala/ or necklace (if you don’t have a piece you are particularly attached to, ask Jessica, she will know what you need)

Juniper Oil—diluted in a carrier oil, the oil itself can be irritating to the skin

Frankincense Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender scented hand soap

3 Aloe Plants

Palo Santo or Sage Bundle

Altar space with statue or photograph (you choose, can be anything that holds special meaning—buddha, a guru, a goddess, a jesus)

Ritual One, Initial Clearing 3 Days minimum

Gather the Juniper Oil, Selenite wand, Black tourmaline and Palo Santo. Finish your day of work and then take a shower, have a glass of tea or wine, something that brings you into calm mind space. Lay out your meditation pillow or sheepskin and settle into your space. Apply a few drops of the Juniper oil behind your ears and at the high heart (between the heart and throat). Get grounded. Breathe. Place the Selenite to your right and the Tourmaline to your left. Light the Palo Santo and let it burn in a dish near to hand.

Take about 5 minutes to practice alternate nostril breathing to get yourself into balance. If you like to tune in here with the Adi Mantra, that is fine, or call upon Goddess to protect and guide you in your work. Be certain that you very clearly dis-invite any entities that have come into the space to mislead, misdirect, cause mischief or harm; Ask them to leave firmly. Then surround yourself with the power of your aura.

Draw down the light through the crown of the head, drinking it in and pressing it down into the navel. Draw up the Earth energy, pulling it up into the navel to meet the Sky-energy. Feel the alchemical mix at the navel, holding in as much as you can comfortably. You want to feel full, but not as if your head is going to blow off. Radiate. Keep breathing, slow through the nose.

Now start to look with your inner eye at the aura itself. It should be glowing inside your vision. Look for long strings or cords coming out of your aura and running off into the distance. Be patient with yourself, but if after a few minutes you see nothing, ask source to reveal them to you. It will look like you are sitting in the center of a large, pulsing spiderweb.

Some of these cords will be bright and pulsing—they should appear quite thick and healthy. If you look closely, you will see that the energy flow in them is running in two directions; this is a give and take between you and somebody in your private sphere and you want to keep these cords in place; they feed you as much as you feed them. Identify these cords first for what they are—you don’t have to know who they belong to unless you are curious. Just know they are part of your network of love and support. Send a pulse of your alchemical navel energy down these cords with the thoughts of love, support and gratitude.

Rest inside that space for as long as you need to. And when it is time to move on, allow yourself to narrow your focus to the smaller cords. These will appear more threadlike, and the light will be traveling mostly in one direction. The light in them may appear darker, or of a different colour. Try not to judge, but be very discerning about these. Identify only those cords in which the energy is uni-directional. See if you can carefully halt the energy flow through them, bringing the cord to a sensation of stillness. Then say, very clearly, Goddess, I ask for my energy to be returned to me; I reclaim that which was not willingly given. I take only what is mine, leaving the rest with peace.

Then begin to reverse the flow. DO THIS SLOWLY, like sipping through a narrow straw. Do it gently. You do not want the person on the other end to experience sudden repercussion; Odds are they do not even know that they have attached to you. Reclaim what is yours, but do not take anything more, OR anything that is not yours. You don’t want their junk. When you feel that you have reclaimed your energy (and only your energy), take the end of the cord that is attached to you and unplug it. Place the loose end into the earth and say, I offer you the energy and blessing of the Mother Earth. She gives us what we need; May you return the blessing to her.

Do this one cord at a time until you feel clear. Then rest. Breathe. Allow yourself to acclimate to the new energy flow. Meditate on the mixing of the energy in the navel and the sense of fullness in your aura.

Then place the Left hand on the Tourmaline, and take the Selenite wand up in the Right. Hold the wand up and declare, I charge this wand with the task of cutting the cords that may return. Bring the wand down. Hold the Tourmaline up and declare, I charge this stone with the task of clearing any energy that stubbornly clings and resists. Bring the Tourmaline down.

I will be sovereign.

I will be clear.

My energy is mine alone to share at my discretion.

Put all of this intention into your magnetic field, literally seeding the words into the matrix of the field so that as you move through the world doing your work, this is known on a subconscious level by anybody you work with. You should notice after a while that people are disinclined to attach to you.

Close your working space by thanking the Goddess for her assistance, chanting the Sat Nam if you like. Put the Frankincense into a diffuser if you have one. If you do not, place one or two drops on a lightbulb. This will protect and elevate your energy.

Repeat this ritual for at least 3 days to assess whether or not you have any vampiric cords that stubbornly re-attach. If you do, repeat the ritual, but instead of placing the cord into the earth, light your end like a fuse, burning away the cord. As you watch it burn tell them, out-loud, There is nothing here for you any longer. Sustain yourself!

You may notice that the vampire holding that cord will come to you in person. They may seem a little crazy, or accusatory, or say things that are maliciously untrue. Be prepared. Shield from these attacks by completely disengaging. Most of them will simply go away when they realize that there is no more sustenance from you.

Ritual Two, to set up and leave in place

You need to get your space as clear as possible and then set it up so that when you walk in the front door, it is like you walk through a curtain of clearing. This is most easily done by creating a crystal grid that covers the house with a central altar to hold it down. Then you can simply tend to the altar, and the altar will tend to the grid.

Get the house clean—both physically and energetically. Give it a good tidy and a good scrub from counters to floors. When the house is pristine, go take a shower yourself, and put the Juniper oil onto your wrists and palms. Gather the palo santo or sage, a singing bowl if you have one (you can just use your hands if you don’t) the stones, statue, and plants and place them on a counter or table that is centrally located. Identify the space you will be keeping as your altar.

I like to use the mantra Om Duum Durga Patayeh Namaha for this process, but you are free to use one that feels best. Just make sure it is a mantra of true strength as Durga is the goddess that transforms to Kali in order to eat demons. You would need something that has this type of connotation. The symbology is quite important. As Durga, she is a stern and beneficient mother figure who takes care of things; as Kali she destroys that which threatens you. This is reflective of what you are doing with your space—asking it to protect you and destroy that which threatens you.

Begin to chant and walk through the house from back to front with the bowl. Chime the bowl into every room and every dark corner, chanting as you go. If you do not have a bowl, go through and clap into the spaces—this will wake the spirits up and intrigue them.

Light the palo santo or sage. You may continue chanting here—I do—or you can start to invite the dark energies to leave the house. It’s up to you, the mantra will work well enough on its own, but if you feel compelled to do a little shoo-ing, that is entirely personal and perfectly okay. Walk through the house again from back to front and smudge each room and each dark corner, be sure to trace every window, mirror and door. You are getting out anything that may have followed you home. End with the front door, and open it, sending everything that doesn’t serve out. Then shut the door and smudge it last.

Go to the plants and water them. Place one in your bedroom, your kitchen, and your office. Understand—tell them even—that you are grateful they will filter what is not serviceable to the house and replace it with that which sustains. They will each want a crystal, choose one with your intuition and place it in the soil.

Then go to the stones and pick up the largest pieces that call for your attention (not the tourmaline or the selentite). These will behave as anchor pieces for your grid. Take them where they want to go, again your intuition is your guide. Once the anchors are in place, begin to place the other stones throughout the house; they will naturally form a network that will keep the place fairly safe and clean. You must place the stones through the whole house—even the bathroom and laundry. Make certain that a stone finds its way near the front door, by the tv and one near your bed. These are somewhat vulnerable areas, so you want them to have extra consideration.

Bring the statue(or photograph) to the clear altar space and place it centrally located. Think of this as the center of your spider web and a space through which you can always receive clean energy. You will want to put a few stones with it, and make space for candles or palo santo. The selenite and the tourmaline will remain here on the altar, charging through the day; you will want to make sure that they are always touching when they are resting.

You will want to leave your special talisman piece here for a few days to charge up with this protective energy. Wear it, or take it with you, when you go to do your work. At times it will need to be cleaned or recharged, and there may come a day when it needs to retire. It is fine to have a few of these charged pieces for use, but try to use stones that are grounding and protective, not ones that magnify what you are already doing. You work with light and love, so you will need some of your pieces to hold a steady, more earthy energy.

You will feel very clearly when the work is done. At any time you can re-organize your grid, or re-arrange your altar.

Ritual Three, to be done daily

Every single day, as soon as you are done with work, come into the house and wash your hands with the Lavender soap. Think of the individuals you worked with that day and fill your heart with love for them. Say Godspeed and Good luck, naming their names as you scrub them away, wishing them love, light, peace, and independence.

When the hands are clean and dry, light the Palo Santo or sage, and set it in a dish on the altar. Take the Selenite and wave it along the surface of your body roughly 3 or so inches away. Be certain to do the backside as well and then wave the wand through the smoke before placing it back on the altar. Take the Tourmaline with you as you have a seat in a chair or on the couch, inside or outside, someplace where you can have 3 minutes of quiet. Place the stone beneath your feet to breathe slowly and meditate, feeling any fatigue, tension or leech energy washing away down into the stone and through it into the earth. When you feel refreshed, wave the stone through the smoke and place it with the selenite (touching each other) on the altar.

Then thank the stones, and go on about your evening.