VI-The Lovers

We all want to love and be loved. Every single one of us, even those who have been tossed around in the storms of heartbreak.

It is a natural human instinct to want to be loved. I think we all yearn to be seen on the most real level, that place where we can take off the layers of cloaking that we have to wear through the world. It is a vulnerable space, and a scary one for sure, but to allow yourself to be loved is one of the basest, most core, human needs. It teaches us so much about who we are.

So off we all go, desperately hunting for the ONE who will do that for us. We shop around for the perfect fit, trying people on the way we try on jeans, hoping against hope to find the pair that doesn’t pinch or pull or slide. Which, of course, it perfect for jeans but terrible for Lovers. For being inside the pair of lovers is to invite the mirror out precisely so we can feel all the places that we pinch and pull and slide ourselves away from the union that we most deeply desire. Everybody wants to see the Lovers—almost nobody is prepared to be the Lovers.

There is a reason that this card turns up down the road a piece. Y’all have to do a ton of work integrating the harsher pieces of yourself so that when you finally do join up with One Who Will Love, you don’t slice them to bits trying to carve out what you need. Love is knowing when to yield and when to fight, when to receive and when to give, when to support and when to lead. Its a dance; It is a process of two learning to function as one.

Hear that: The PROCESS of two learning to FUNCTION as one. Not two becoming one. Not on this earth level. On the earth level, the Lovers tells you that it is okay to accept another onto your life path. It is okay to walk hand in hand, together, as you journey through the earth realms. Earth love is that complicated dance of two navigating as one towards the common goal of health, wealth, happiness and growth.

And you could leave it at that.


Truly, the understanding that is inherent in the Lovers is the yearning of the separate human spirit to find union with God-As-All-That-Is. It is where the seeker begins to understand that what he seeks is not necessarily to be found in Two, but rather in One. As in, we are not separate from God, and the union we crave is already 100% present within us. As humans, we best experience this when we allow the boundaries of self to merge into the boundaries of other—as in, when we mate.

The exploration of external partnership begins to balance out our dualities through the merging of yin/yang, male/ female. This union of opposites, if done well and healthfully, becomes a gate for us to explore the union of these dualities within a single human organism. Ie, the feeling of two as one creates the pathway to truly knowing that one is one regardless of the seemingly different shapes it takes. That’s a big concept. Take it in bites.

The longing for acceptance from a separate other is the manifestation of the longing for acceptance from the inclusive one. In other words, we all want to feel and know on the most core level that we are loved by God. Funny thing is….we are all God. There is no separateness, and there is no Two. So if you truly want to experience the bliss of union in love, the absolute first thing you must do is love yourself. Unconditionally. Then, and only then, will you be the master of Love and the perfect representation of the Lovers.

We all want to be loved. But in order for that to happen, we must first be love. Union happens at home, y’all, in our very own hearts. And then it is from that place that we can begin to call in the relationship with another that we need in order to live happy and content on this earth plane.

Because until you can reconcile that the other is indeed you, you can’t truly begin to do love justice. And I think Love deserves that.