8- Strength

Grace. Grace, grace and more grace. Lady Diana, Maya Angelou, Barbara Bush or Michelle Obama, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu or Siddhartha, pick one, pick them all, pick someone you know who is the embodiment of grace and walk behind them for a mile. Let your feet upon their footprints absorb this way of walking through the world so that you too become a living embodiment of grace.

And that is the path to freedom.

To be graceful in this world is to know the fine line of right. When is it right to let something go in order to preserve peace? When is it right to stand up and fight? And then, furthermore, knowing how to do both in a fashion that diminishes neither party, leaving all feeling secure and, hopefully, thoughtful. Learning that, and being able to walk it, is the truest type of strength available to humans living this manifest world. The people above, in my opinion, have done a truly graceful job of demonstrating how to have conviction of opinion, consistency of message, and artful disagreement leaving nobody in their path feeling diminished. This, to me is grace.

When we move through the world, we are presented with conflict all the time. And we are given multitudes of opportunity to descend into the most base of our emotions. The world is hard, and challenging, and it can feel at times as if our path is blocked by unreasonable people with illogical emotions. We can choose to be triggered and respond from our lower, more animal triangle. Fear, insecurity and anger are always available to us in less than a breath of time. Their partner emotions of hate, exclusion and rage can fly forward in a truly powerful defensive attack before we even know what has happened.

While this may feel like the strong way of doing things, the resolution is creates is temporary, solitary and ultimately does so much harm. The person under attack—whether right or wrong—is left feeling completely alienated from you. You have absolutely killed the potential growth and understanding of that individual towards unity with you. And while you are in these base emotions, you may not want that. But remember, you are a spiritual human walking the path of enlightenment. Unity is the whole damn goal. So, hey, this type of strength is not going to get you—or us—any closer to where we want to go.

If, however, you had chosen to rise above these base emotions and ascend into the higher centers, you could have created a different outcome that had the potential to bring everybody involved up with you. Approaching challenge with unity, thoughtfulness and vision opens up opportunity. It tames the beast—in you and in others as well. For remember, we are all one. What you seed into the self bears fruit in the collective. So every time you choose to react from this type of strength, you elevate us all.

This means that love, patience, compassion and tolerance are the true soldiers in the fight of human evolution. Sounds corny, yes, and good gods so incredibly hard. They feel passive in our current collective paradigm, but they are actually incredibly active. Again, it is finding that fine line. When the road is blocked, do you hear (patience) gently inform (love) and then move along? Or perhaps you can empathize (compassion) and elevate (tolerance) to take them on the road with you? They have the choice, and you can only control you, right? Maybe they come, maybe they don’t, maybe they throw their own animal at you. You just won’t know. But being in strength means that you don’t need to be right against them, you only need to be right inside you, staying in alignment with the higher principles of a unified, inclusive god.

Love. Patience. Compassion. Tolerance. They can change the world. But not by imposing will; That is the tactic of the weak man. They change the world by being an example of what human can be.