I- The Magician

There comes a point in one's life where you either need to man up or shut up, and get to work.

It isn't usually a fun place. There is usually a good bit of fear and maybe a little angst. Perhaps the cliff seems too high, or maybe the road feels too cluttered. I get it. We have all been in that position where it is simply time to move on. And regardless of our sense of readiness, we find ourselves walking down that road with what seems like a teeny-tiny bag of tricks.

So maybe what you do is to reach way down into your pants and grab a hold of your courage with a death grip. Maybe that is enough and you can push and shove and bully your way to the end of whatever challenge it is that you face. That surely is one way to do it, and it might get you through.

But what will you have learned? What will you have missed? In the midst of being a bulldozer, what will you have buried?

Perhaps at this point it is wiser to take a moment, take a breath and assess what talents you really have. Like, no bullshit assess. If you are here, if you are about to do something big, and probably scary, and maybe really bold, and perhaps slightly stupid, then you are not somebody who is without skills. You aren't a bulldozer; you can't be. It won't work. You have to up your game and realize that You are a Magician.

Do you get that? Do you need me to say that again? If you are here, walking this path, at this moment You Are A Magician.

That means you have skills. You have talents. You have the mental capacity to analyze and assess. You have the emotional capacity to intuit and feel. You have the savvy and acumen to make smart decisions. You know how to negotiate for yourself. All of this together is personal alchemy of the finest design.

So you have to own that shit. You have to let it be a core truth. The time of your personal manifestation is at hand, and you are about to realize the depth of your abilities. You can no longer allow yourself to be anything less than divine or to act in any fashion that does not re-enforce that. The time for foolish behaviours has passed and you are taking the first sips of empowerment. It is a heady brew for sure, and laden with both mystery and responsibility. To be The Magician means to be honest with yourself about your abilities and to be fearless in the execution of them.

You got this. No doubt.

As The Magician you have the ability to embody the concept as above so below. The Magician can pull down the very real power of god and manifest it on the earth. This is the result of doing a lot of personal work, a lot of clearing, a lot of searching and a lot of personal honesty. You wouldn't be here if that weren't true, so admit it. Own it. Embody it. The Magician has--to some extent--cleaned the mirror of self and is now ready to use that to do good work here on earth. This is a big achievement--a level up. So hot damn, good for you!

But, remember, this is in no way the final spurt of growth. To be a wise Magician means to recognize that this is merely a plateau. A powerful one, and one that must be used to its fullest potentiality, but it is just the beginning. Right here, right now, is the seed of real spiritual awakening in a very practical and functional sense. The Magician isn't a monk, or a renunciate, or somebody who sits on the mat and drifts away into the ethers. This aspect is the working preacher, healer, teacher within you that is about to get out into the world and make it happen.

Don't you dare sell yourself short. You, my friend, are on a roll.