Summer Solstice Earth Ritual

Ritual for Summer Solstice

Time: Sunset or Sunrise, outside if possible. The beach would be ideal...

Tools: A large bowl or cauldron, a pitcher of rainwater or ocean water (filtered will do in a pinch), 2 crystals, white flowers, a white candle, incense, sage or palo santo

To begin:

Create a sacred space for yourself by calling and casting a circle. Place your cauldron or large bowl in the center with all of your tools close to hand. Sit quietly and begin to tune in to all of the elements surrounding you. Feel the air on your skin, the warmth of the sun, the sound of water in your ears (or in the air) and the solidity of the earth beneath you. Become connected to all of the gifts of the earth, and truly feel blessed and grateful for the Earth mother and how she supports you.

Begin to breathe slowly, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Try to stretch out the length of the breath, counting slowly to eight as you inhale and eight as you exhale, leveling out the breath so it feels deep, easy and continuous. Stay in this space for 3-5 minutes and allow yourself to feel very calm and connected to the air in your body and your environment.

After you have connected, alter the breath pattern to inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. The lips are softly puckered as if you are blowing a kiss. Keep the breath rhythm slow and easy, nice and deep. But shift your awareness now to the sense of your breath mingling with the air that everybody breathes. Understand that your exhale is what allows the trees to breathe. Every inhale you are taking in the exhalation of these same beings. You are part of the grand cycle of the earth. Know that and be grateful for the air that is provided for you by this Earth.

With your next exhalation, see your breath cleaning the air that needs to be cleaned. You are part of the healing of the air, bringing health and happiness to the Earth mother herself as she feels your air and breathes with you. Bless her and the air. Be grateful.

Stay in this space for a moment, allowing your breath to return to inhale nose, exhale nose. Let is stay slow and deep, but allow it to become easy.

Take the pitcher of water and pour a few inches into the large bowl or cauldron. As you do so, notice how beautiful the water is. The way the light catches it. How it smells. How it feels on your hands. Set the pitcher aside and dip your hands into the water, letting it run over your fingers. Wash some water over your face and shoulders. Be very attuned to the frequency of water and feel so grateful for the rain, the rivers, the lakes and the oceans that provide water to you and your tribe.

Shift the breath back to inhale nose, exhale mouth, but this time begin to blow softly over the surface of the water. Each breath is a blessing and a benediction to the water of the Earth. You are cleansing and clearing all the water of the Earth with your breath. See it and believe it. Know that your gratitude and your blessings for the water are at this very moment bringing the vibration of health and healing to our water.

Continue this process for as long as you feel inspired, then allow the breath to return to soft and easy, nose-nose. Then light the candle, and from the candle light the incense. Set the candle into the center of the water, in a fashion that it can remain lit. Return the breath to nose-mouth and begin to blow the incense slowly across the surface of the water in the bowl without blowing out the flame. This is the gift of fire and the gift of both purification and warmth; it represents the loving warmth of the earth center. Earth’s internal heat. As you softly blow the incense over the flame, bless the core of the Earth, see it as her beating heart and love it as you love your own heart. See the two of you beating as one, and feel how you are supported by this warmth everyday. Return the favour by bringing as much warmth into your heart as you can. Fill it with love and light until it is full to bursting. Then allow this light to radiate from you out into the rest of the world with great gratitude.

Shift the breath back to nose-nose and hold the crystals in the palm of your hands. Understand that these are living pieces of the earth and vibrate at her exact frequency. Tune in and feel the depth of that connection. Understand what being connected to the Earth means at this vibrational level. See if you can shift your personal frequency into alignment until you yourself are humming at the frequency of earth.

Start to blow softly over the stones, blessing them as you would bless your child. Fill them with your deep gratitude and wish for a healthy and happy life. See these crystals as clear and clean, and as you clear them, see them clearing the earth. All the suffering and trauma of the Earth mother is being cleared by your loving breath and blessing. Bring forth your gratitude for the stability and support of the earth and return the blessing by being there for the earth right now. With all of your heart, feel the health of the Earth returning. Then place the stones in the water.

Finally, allow the breath to soften and still. Take the flowers and one by one float them on the surface of the water. As you place each one in the bowl, offer a prayer. This prayer can be for anyone or anything, and you may float as many prayers as you need. But one prayer MUST be for the healthy and harmony of a healed Earth. Sit with this feeling for as long as the energy continues to run for you. Leave the circle cast even if you remove yourself to allow the candle to burn naturally until it goes out on its own.

When the flame has died, the ritual is complete. Remove the candle, and take the bowl of blessings to cast it into the ocean, or into the dirt. Send all of your love, gratitude and prayers back to the Earth with your best wishes for health, happiness and healing. Then close your circle.

Wahe Guru!