Ritual For Removing Fear and Moving On

The ideal time to begin this ritual is on the full moon, as it is created in two parts and will take you the entire lunar month to complete. Use the waning energy to start and the waxing energy to complete. It is a very simple ritual, but will need to be attended to every day for the first two weeks.


Large pad of drawing paper

Coloured chalk

Altar space

Black candle

White candle

Himalayan (or sea) salt

Rose water in a sprayer (if possible)

Rose quartz


On the day of the full moon, gather your tools and place them together outside to be charged with the light. If you cannot put them outside, just put them somewhere where they can receive the intention of the moon. Leave them overnight—your process begins the day after the Full.

The next evening, prepare yourself by taking a shower and putting on some loose and comfortable clothing. Light the black candle on your altar space, and place a small bowl of the salt next to it. Clear out some space near the altar and bring your pad and chalk over, setting it to the side.

Prepare yourself for a small of amount of Kundalini yoga, laying out your mat and tuning in. Breathe deeply and slowly, get centered. Then practice the following kriya: http://www.shaktakaur.com/kriyas/unloading_the_unconscious_burden.htm

If you need to reduce the times of the exercises, that is fine.

When you have completed the kriya, and before you close the practice, take your pad and chalk. Begin to chant gobinday, mukunday, udare, apare, hariung, kariung, nirname, akame. (There are amazing recordings of this if you don’t already have one to help carry you along)

As you are chanting, draw the mandala of your fear. Any shape mandala, but be certain to honour the geometric nature of the mandala itself. You will literally be placing any of your subconscious fears around your art inside this geometric representation, so I would like you to really get your fingers into it. Take as long as you like with this process, but do not chant for any longer than 31 minutes.

When the mandala is finished, place it beneath the black candle. Make a ring around the picture out of the salt, leaving whatever is left in the bowl on the altar. Leave the candle burning until you go to bed, at which point you can blow it out.

The next evening, take the drawing out from under the candle. Leave the salt ring in place. You will tear off one strip from the drawing and try to identify which piece of your fear it represents. Say it out loud. Then claim that you are done with that and you release it to be healed. Light the candle, and burn the strip. Take the ashes outside and release them.

You will repeat this process every day for the next 12 days until the moon is New. By that time, the mandala should be completely destroyed and you should have a pretty clear idea of what fears are truly holding you back.

On the New moon, strike the altar and bury the clack candle. Make sure the salt is cleared away. Dress the altar with the white candle and have the rose quartz next to it. Prepare yourself for practice—showering, finding your space, tuning in. Have a seat with your pad and chalk close to hand and just take about 5-10 minutes to meditate silently with just your breath. You want to feel very light here before you begin.

When you are ready please create a mandala of your hopes around your art. Pour everything you want it to be/do for you and again, get your fingers into it. As you are drawing chant Ardas Bahee Amar Das Guru, Amar Das Guru Ardas Bahee; Ram Das Guru Ram Das Guru Ram Das Guru, Sachee Sahee. This will give your intentions strong wings to be heard, so really put your heart into your work. Take as long as you like, but please do not chant for more than 31 minutes.

When the mandala is complete place it beneath the white candle and light it. Put the rose quartz on one corner and mist the drawing ever so lightly with the rose water (not enough to get it wet!) You will blow out the candle every night before bed and light it for a few hours every evening as the moon returns from New to Full on April 10th. Every night take a moment with this mandala to spritz it and spend just a little time with your hopes. You want to really know what you want as you move forward and this time every day for 2 weeks will cement that.

When the moon is full, strike the altar. Frame or mat the mandala and place it someplace where you can see it as long as you need it to inspire and remind you of what you want. The rose quartz will be charged with this intention and will act as a touch piece for you to carry with you, or turn to when doubt resurfaces,