III-The Empress

Take this moment for me, please. This one right now. Stop what you are doing and sit still. Breathe slowly and hear me.

Think about the last time you had the visceral experience of fulfillment. Not the easy kind where you think life is good and isn’t that nice. Not the mental kind where you rationalize and categorize all the good things in your life as a deterrent to the negative edges creeping in. Think about that moment when gratitude grabs you by the throat and you are nearly overwhelmed with the blessings that you have and the troubles that you don’t. Feel that rare instant when you know in your soul that you are loved, supported, filled with all that life has given you.

I don’t know about you, but those moments are all too infrequent in my world. It is easier somehow to keep my eyes trained on what might be coming down the pipeline. It seems smarter to stay ready for the next disaster, or to shield up against the next trouble. I know I am not alone. Life is twisty and messy and hard and sometimes. If you don’t stay limber in anticipation, you get smacked upside the head and land on your ass. Like a fighter.

But I think these special moments arrive at the strangest times to remind us that this is not the way to live. This is not our true reality, right? All of that exists only in possibility and by staying there, we often miss what is right here. All the good stuff. All the reality that is right now—most of which is pretty damn good. When those moments land, my chest fills and my eyes overflow and it seems like I can hear the heartbeat of god at play. I am so full that the only thing I can do is look it in the eyes and be at wonder.

There is bounty. There is fulfillment. There is joy. And at the risk of sounding like a new age woowoo peddler, I have to say that it is here all the time. What I think that we fail to understand is that these wonderful things are found in the smallest places. BIG joys are infrequent. Little joys happen all the time. But if we behave additively, then all these little joys become a stream of big joy that we flow in consistently.

Because really, if we think about it, what are the things that trigger that sense of wonder and awe? The hue of a sunset sky. The smell of ozone after a good rain. The sound of your child’s laugh. The touch of your partner’s hand. The taste of your mother’s signature meal. Something small rolls in and touches you just right and then BAM, it’s all gorgeous. The door opens and you can see all the places and people in your life that are So Damn Good. Sometimes there is a lot. Sometimes it is leaner. But when that door cracks, there is always something.

So now we stay there and remember that feeling. This is the Empress. She turns up when you are entering a phase of bounty and appreciation for the fullest of life’s real gifts. But she isn’t there to give you your big promotion or to stroke your ego achievement; there are other cards for that. This card is here to show you the full bounty that life can give you. Family. Love. Children. Home. Meaningful work. Fulfillment on a very human level. This is the Mother Goddess at work in your life bringing you all of the things that will nourish and sustain you. In triplicate.