II-The High Priestess

The universe operates on more levels than we can possibly know. Some lower, some higher, some in, some just right to the side. The life we live and experience with our five senses is an incredibly limited one, and to move beyond these limitations, we must expand our senses.

At times, that means diving way down deep into the mystery of things. We must abandon the comfortable throne of common reality and be willing to be vast. We must peel back the veils of our common understanding and stand naked and still in the dark waters of the unknown. Here we make a certain sacrifice, and here we are rewarded with new sight.

The High Priestess is one who has swum in these waters of intuition and transition and come up with new eyes. She is the part of you who knows what cannot be easily known and is not afraid to admit that it is okay to know something that cannot be explained. There is wealth in the mystery, a sense and a feeling of being deeply in touch with the blood of the goddess. There is a trust that all fruitful things can be caught and brought to the surface with enough belief. The High Priestess in you knows what to do, knows where to go, even though it may appear to be shrouded in mystery. You can see through these waters with absolute clarity if you allow yourself to let go and go under.

It is not an easy position to be in, for many others will not understand. They will not want to hear of the wonders you have found below. They may try to fill you with doubt. But you must remember that it is not their journey, but yours. It is not their mystery, but yours. They are not living your life and they do not have your particular pathway to source. Only you can know what it feels like to hear your thoughts, or to experience your own love. You cannot let another define for you what it means to feel--whether that 'feeling' is one of the communal surface ones, or a seemingly foreign one that belongs only to you.

Only you can swim in the ocean of your subconscious.

When the High Priestess appears, it is a call for you to get in touch with your intuition. Fearlessly and shamelessly. It is a time for you to sit with the goddess and hear what it is that will move you closer to Her. It is an opportunity for you to be deep in the place that belongs only to you--the place where all of your answers lay. Do not be fooled by surface things; They do not hold what you need.

The answers are available if you are bold enough to go get them.