0-The Fool

You know that moment where you say to yourself, "I have to do this. I have to do this and I have to do this right now."

There may or may not be logic to it. It may be a purely gut, emotional response. But the truth of it pings every single one of your spaces of knowing. You have to do this, whatever it is. Maybe it is starting a new job, or leaving an old one. Maybe you have to dive feet first into a relationship that shouldn't make sense. Maybe you fly off the cliff and move halfway around the world with no other knowing than the sense that this is the time.

And this way--whatever it may be--is the way.

We have all been there. Don't pretend like you haven't. And don't tell me that you didn't hear that sneaky little voice that told you shouldn’t do it, or you weren't prepared, or that you simply weren't capable. Maybe you felt like you should keep that wildly bold decision to yourself; maybe you didn't tell anybody about those deep and insistent yearnings. Maybe they had been there for a long time, jammed down into your belly by the nasty voice of doubt. But they were always there, whispering quietly as you slowly and methodically did your work. They never left you and they never silenced.

They just waited for you to get to this moment. This moment right here. Now is the time. Now is the journey. Now are those first fearless steps down a path that leads to you do not know where. And that's okay. It is as it should be. You're not supposed to know what is at the end of this trail. You're only supposed to know that now you must go.

So hell yeah, it's scary. And hell yeah, it's big. But it is also exhilarating and wild and right. Because this is the time when you trust that you know. You trust that you can know without having the answers written out in a tidy to-do list. Sometimes you go with your gut and trust that you have done all the work you need to have done in order to navigate this trail safely--even without a map.

This is where the good stuff happens. This is the beginning of the next evolution. Look at you, fearlessly heading down the forest path. You've got a bag full of your skills and your lessons and your gifts and no space in there for your doubts. You have the companion of loyalty walking with you, loyalty to your truth and loyalty to your purpose. It doesn't matter what anybody else has to say about this; you earned this. Don't let go of that. There isn't any room on this road for second thoughts.

If you have them, you'd best look behind you and see what monsters are tailing you. Or what you stuffed in that bag that doesn't belong there. You don't have time for that shit on this journey; This is the big time. The big game. The big move. The big raise. This is the next evolution and you have got it.

Right? Do I need to say that again? You have got this. By virtue of the Fool turning up, I know that you are prepared. Down in the corners of your soul, you are prepared. Maybe the sneaky voice of doubt still has echoes and maybe you don't know like I know that you can do it--and do it with grace--but this is the time for trust.

Leave those doubts in the dust and whistle on down that road. And do try and have a good time now, y'hear?

*This is the first in my new tarot series. I have been reading the cards for over 25 years and have developed a real relationship with the symbols; they have helped me greatly with my meditations and my yoga practice. The Tarot is truly a part of my heart.

Private readings are available by request, please send me an email to schedule an appointment.